The ban on the use of virgin HCFC refrigerants (including, but not limited to R22) in the servicing and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment will come into force on
31 December 2009 and is now only nine months away.

Stockpiling virgin HCFC refrigerant for use after 31 December 2009 is illegal under EU regulations relating to ozone depleting materials.  Refrigerant gases and its refrigerant supplier, are contacting all customers to encourage them to return cylinders containing HCFC refrigerant and will continue to do so once the ban is in place.

Cylinders containing virgin HCFC refrigerant returned after 31 August 2009 will incur a destruction charge.  Any cylinders originally supplied to customers containing virgin HCFC refrigerant will be charged as lost if they are not returned by 31 March 2010 and will incur a potential destruction fee for any contents when the cylinder is eventually returned.

It will remain legal for wholesalers to supply reclaimed HCFC refrigerant for servicing and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment until 31 December 2014.  Refrigerant gases will be able to supply quantities of reclaimed HCFC products from 1 January 2010, but stocks are likely to be limited.

It is also permissible for customers to recover used HCFC refrigerant from existing air conditioning and refrigeration systems for subsequent reuse in servicing and maintenance operations until 31 December 2014.  Recovered refrigerant must first be returned (as a hazardous waste) to an authorised refrigerant supplier for analysis, reclamation and repackaging.  Refrigerant gases, are able to offer a full reclamation service.  Please contact us if you would like further details.