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R134a Spring 2013 - Forecast "Normal"

R134a Spring 2012 - Forecast lower availability.

R134a Supply Now Easing (Autumn 2011)

Across the world, producers have experienced major supply problems on R134a and have not been able to meet demand expectations since the start of the year 2010. 

Market indications are that this situation has now eased.
The constraints on supply were due to a shortage in availability of Trichloroethylene (TCE), one of the chemicals used in the manufacture of R134a.

R134a is available in the following size cylinders (net weight of gas):-

4 Kgs, 9.5 Kgs, 12 Kgs, 12.5 Kgs, 27 Kgs, & 60 Kgs.

All our cylinders incur a deposit, refundable in full upon return, providing that it is clean, empty and undamaged.

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